Trash Talk and Team Spirit: Day of the Dead Fest 2017 Recap


As the coffins went flying down Hickory St. at this year’s Denton Day of the Dead Festival, Low Voltage Solutions was there to compete and cheer on our four racing teams: Pegleg Pete and His Pirate Pals from our Austin branch, Gravity Fed from DFW, The Punisher from the DFW Facebook Data Center, and Coche de Muerta from Oklahoma City. Three of our teams — The Punisher, Gravity Fed, and Coche de Muerta — made it into the final 32 team bracket. It was The Punisher that came out on top in the end, beating out the other Low Voltage teams and coming in third in the overall race! They took home our LVS trophy — and lots of bragging rights!


With blown tires, broken steering, and even some ripped skin, the day was certainly eventful, but these small mishaps just added to the silliness and excitement of the races. There was a fair share of good-natured trash talking as each team was vying for the win, but in the end everyone rallied together to cheer for all the Low Voltage Solutions coffins.

The Day of the Dead Coffin Races is a great time to live out some of our company’s values — hard work, craftsmanship, and determination go into each coffin, and we get to celebrate, have fun, and bond as a team. We’re so proud of all of our teams, and we can’t wait to see what everyone cooks up next year!


Curious how this year’s races compared to last year’s? Check out our recap from Day of the Dead 2016.

Pegleg Pete and His Pirate Pals

Pegleg Pete and His Pirate Pals