A Celebration of Progress in Austin

The mission of Low Voltage Solutions has always been to deliver the highest quality system installations in a safe, fun, and employee-friendly environment, with a customer satisfaction rating that is second to none. Though we’ve only been operating from the Austin branch since 2013, this team has contributed leaps and bounds to Low Voltage Solutions’ positive company culture, excellent industry reputation, and professional flexibility. We’re noted for our ability to staff major projects by allocating resource support from other branches. One of the great things about Low Voltage Solutions is that everyone is a team player!

In just three years the Austin branch has grown from two full time employees to twenty-two professional installers. We’ve focused on developing our customer relationship base and worked on our internal skillsets so we can offer a wide array of services across the field of professional building automation, fire alarm, and security system installation. We’ve already extended our market beyond the Austin area and into San Antonio. The progress that’s been made in such a short amount of time is cause for celebration.

Here, everyone understands that without every person’s effort we would not be so successful. We work and play as a team, on the job and off ﹘ sometimes we even get together for BBQs, sporting events, and company picnics after hours. We look forward to leaping into the fourth year of our branch’s contribution with the most organized and experienced installers in the market. The best part is that we’re still growing and always on the lookout for highly motivated, team-oriented individuals. If you’re searching for a long-term career in a growing industry, LVS might be your solution.