Up for the Challenge

Working with new clients and learning a new system is always an adventure. Recently we had the opportunity to partner with Associated Time & Parking Controls, Inc. on a project in Austin that stretched our team to new levels of expertise.


Associated Time is a provider of parking guidance systems, and they reached out to us to perform an installation at a new Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) airport parking garage. The Associated Time system was completely new to LVS, and our team had to quickly learn how it works and master its specific requirements. The Associated Time system is like a fully-automated replacement for a parking lot attendant. Installing this system involved very precise measurements to ensure it performed accurately. For example, the railing needed to be exactly centered down each traffic lane. This is contingent on accurately painted parking space striping, and then the sensors must be installed within a height tolerance of about an inch — something that proved a challenge given the natural waves in the concrete floors and slope of traffic ramps. But it was a challenge that Low Voltage Solutions was ready to tackle!

Photo Nov 09, 8 28 01 AM.jpg

In addition to the learning curve, the first challenge to overcome was an extremely tight deadline. Low Voltage Solutions had a small window to in which complete the project because the painters needed to finish the striping before we could even begin. As usual, the pressure was on — but at the end of the day we delivered. In just a little over four weeks, our crew had drilled approximately 2,000 concrete anchor holes, installed 16,000 feet of all-thread and 50,000 feet of cable, and we were able to successfully turn over two out of the five levels over to our client.

Of course, we’re proud of our work, but receiving positive feedback from the client made this project even more rewarding. The President of Associated Time, Christopher J. Archer, remarked, "You would be a fool to not use LVS on your projects.” High praise indeed! All of our team at the Austin/San Antonio branch worked incredibly hard to ensure that we did our absolute best. Many thanks to Project Superintendent Mike Deleon, Project Foreman Michael Johnston, and our Installation Team: Roderic Harris, Roger Dudley, Luis Arzate, Nawar Alkarridi, Chance McClure, Michael J. Hall, Greg Trevino, Larry Nieto, Gilbert Nieto, and David and Luis Morales from the Dallas/Fort Worth team. You have made us all proud and we appreciate your efforts in earning this significant recognition and proving why the LVS family is best in class!