Celebrating the Best at Low Voltage Solutions

A lot can be learned about a company from the way it treats its employees. When we first started Low Voltage Solutions in 2011, we were already committed to providing the obvious benefits to our team, like medical insurance, 401(k) options, and profit sharing. Over the years we have expanded our benefits to show our appreciation for the talented and hardworking people who make Low Voltage Solutions what it is. Sometimes it’s something small like a new pair of boots or a gas card; other times we feel it is important to make a grander gesture. After all, our employees are like family to us.

Low Voltage Traditions

We wrap up every year at Low Voltage Solutions with a special awards ceremony. Before coming to Low Voltage Solutions, many of our employees had never been told in front of their peers how great they are, and we’re working to change that. At the annual Christmas party we give out several awards and prizes like MVP, Best Rookie, and Best Attendance. We provide all the gifts at our white elephant gift exchange so every employee gets to go home with something cool like a Home Depot gift card or new tools they can use. This tradition never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face and contributes to a positive work culture all year long.

The holidays aren’t the only time we try to spread a little company-wide cheer. We believe in celebrating our accomplishments as we work together. Every quarter each branch selects an employee by a peer vote: someone who everyone recognizes as a hard worker and team player. When the chosen employees are announced, they get to select a new tool or piece of equipment that we purchase for them. Hard work gets noticed here.

Summertime Fun

In the summer we host our annual Family Day! All Low Voltage Solutions employees bring their spouses and children to get together for a day of fun. When the team was smaller, we’d take everyone out to a Rangers Game or a day trip to Sandy Lake Park. Since our team has multiplied over the years and expanded to branches in Texas and Oklahoma, we now hold a big picnic at the Little Elm Park where we have food catered while we play sand volleyball, swim in the lake, and let the kids run free. Sometimes branches individually host their own crawfish boils or family grill-outs as well. We like a good excuse to kick back and enjoy the company of our peers.

At Low Voltage Solutions, we recognize the importance of creating a workplace culture that everyone wants to be a part of. It’s about celebrating our best moments and getting better as a team. Learn about our career opportunities or follow us on Facebook to keep up with our developments and achievements!