The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Low Voltage Solutions Christmas Party


‘Tis the season for the Low Voltage Solutions Christmas party! What began in 2011 as dinner with just three employees and their spouses has grown into an end-of-the-year extravaganza with food, games, awards, and a gift exchange.

This year we celebrated at the Fox & Hound in Richardson, Texas with a buffet dinner. Everyone enjoyed darts, pool tables, basketball, boxing, and Jenga with their team members and employees from other branches that they don’t see as often. The Christmas party is all about getting everyone together to meet, mingle, and celebrate being a part of the Low Voltage Solutions family!

Introducing our entertainer of the year, duane howard!

Introducing our entertainer of the year, duane howard!

Our favorite part of the night may be the awards ceremony. All three branches give out awards to team members that went the extra mile that year — some are serious, some are silly, and a fun time is had by all. This year several “team” awards were also given out to teams that worked on challenging jobs. These teams came up against obstacles, but they worked hard, worked together, and persevered. We love getting to recognize our employees for their dedication and teamwork!

Of course the night isn’t complete without a few Christmas presents. Every employee goes home with a gift that they can use in the field — anything from drill bits to electric drills to heated jackets are up for grabs in this white elephant-style gift exchange.

The Christmas party is a great time for teammates to meet each other’s families, enjoy some good food and games, and be recognized by the Low Voltage Solutions owners and branch managers. We love taking this time of year to have some fun and let our team know how much we appreciate them — we’re not just co-workers, we’re family!