Never Stop Striving

Being a Low Voltage Solutions employee is about more than just work. We seek to build up leaders. We encourage our employees to push themselves. We reward integrity, and we believe that you never stop learning, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

That’s why we’re so proud when our employees make an extra effort to develop their skills. Three of our employees —  Project Manager Devan Arterberry, Superintendent Adame Ramirez, and Foreman Erik Cervantes — are currently studying for their Journeyman licenses.

Devan Arterberry, Adame Ramirez, Erik Cervantes

Devan Arterberry, Adame Ramirez, Erik Cervantes

Earning a Journeyman Electrician license is one of the steps towards getting a Master license and becoming a Master Electrician. Electricians install and repair wiring and electrical systems, inspecting the wiring, circuit breakers, and transformers. They must be familiar with building regulations to ensure that all electrical work is up to code. Master Electricians are required to complete at least 8,000 hours (about 4 years) of on-the-job training with a supervising Master Electrician, and they must pass the Journeyman exam.

This isn’t an easy task. It takes determination and commitment, and these men are dedicated to their craft and the company. Says Devan, “I want my Journeyman license to better benefit the company and myself, as an encouragement to my peers to strive for more and to push to never stop learning.”

Most importantly, these men display integrity and positivity in all that they do. Devan, Adame, and Erik embody the Core Values of Low Voltage Solutions — having a positive attitude, being loyal, personable, competitive, and competent, maintaining integrity in all things, and showing respect.

“What I love about these three is that they have all been promoted and worked their way up in the company,” says LVS President Micah Pazoureck. “They are great examples of loyalty and integrity because they don’t quit when jobs are hard, working not only as supervisors, but sometimes right beside their team to get the job done. They are willing to learn and grow, and they always have positive attitudes and the best of intentions for the company as a whole — they are not just in it for themselves, but want to help LVS grow and be the best in our industry.”