Leading the Way

Low Voltage Solutions employees discuss their leadership training in a conference room.

At Low Voltage Solutions, we believe you never stop learning. Growing as an employee and as a person is an important part of our philosophy — we never want to become stagnant in what we do. That’s why we work to challenge ourselves and improve our skills, no matter how long we’ve been at the company or what role we are in.

Low Voltage Solutions employees look at a wall of content from their leadership training session.

This year we hosted Leadership Training sessions to grow our team and our company. We invited current and upcoming leaders to participate, from Foremen and Superintendents to our Project Managers, Branch Managers and owners. Working with Bravo Communications and Consulting founder Libby Spears as our facilitator, our employees took the “Strengths Finder” test to learn about their natural gifts and how to utilize them in the workplace. They also took a “Social Styles” assessment, which provided insight into how each employee interacts with others. These assessments and accompanying lectures challenged us to consider the ways in which we handle situations or differing personalities. We pushed ourselves to get out of our comfort zones, understand that it’s okay to make mistakes when you learn from them, and to grow our interpersonal and speaking skills.

Our dedication to helping our employees improve their skills is something that separates Low Voltage Solutions from the rest. We don’t just hire our employees and then leave them to their own devices — we value our employees and want them to feel supported and encouraged to grow. Honesty and loyalty are a big part of who we are, and we want our employees to know it’s okay to ask for help or to find solutions by involving their teammates. No one should ever feel isolated — at our company, everyone should feel they are appreciated and that they truly belong.