Low Voltage Solutions: A Company on a Mission

At Low Voltage Solutions, our mission has always been to deliver the highest quality low voltage system installations in a safe, fun, and employee-friendly environment with a customer satisfaction rating that is second to none.

Only Excellence for Our Customers

In this business, everything hinges on organization and communication. Our monthly and weekly meetings keep our staff on track, and we meet regularly with our clients to ensure the best service possible. After each project, we collect customer feedback and learn about their experience. It is essential that the dialog is open for both positive and negative comments in order to improve as a company.

Low Voltage Solutions has always had high expectations for the craftsmanship we provide, so we are constantly involved in quality control and training to make sure our employees are successful in the field. Communication between our branch managers and their project managers is crucial. They work together closely to ensure projects are staffed correctly, as well as kept on time and within budget. As a team, we are proud of the projects that we finish, which benefits everyone, from the installers to our clients.

Our Employees Are Our Greatest Asset

Work is work. It's hard, but we all have to do it. That’s why Low Voltage Solutions has created an atmosphere where employees are appreciated and compensated appropriately for their contributions. It’s why we’ve cultivated a workplace where everyone is encouraged to connect with their peers and feel like they are part of something bigger than just an everyday job. We have quarterly awards recognizing individuals whose work goes above and beyond the average call of duty, seasonal gatherings where employees and their families can mingle and have fun, and there are always accolades and prizes at the end of the year to celebrate our shining stars.

From the very beginning, we’ve strived to be a great place of employment. We believe it is the leadership’s responsibility to help employees feel safe, supported, and satisfied with their workplace, which is why from the very beginning we recognized the importance of offering employees medical insurance, 401K options, and profit sharing. Branch managers are given the freedom to run their branches they way they feel is best, and continuous safety trainings and certification renewals keep everyone protected. Reimbursements are offered for night classes through the IEC School, too! Every branch has employees participating in this program, learning new electrical skills and expanding their professional repertoire.

The Low Voltage Solutions Way

Our ultimate goal is to be the industry’s preferred and most utilized low voltage electrical installer. We are constantly looking towards the future: what should we do next, how can we grow, and what can we offer that is different from what other companies have to offer both our customers and the workforce. With the right attitude, integrity, know-how, and loyalty for every customer and fellow team member, Low Voltage Solutions will continue to accomplish this mission for many years to come.