The Backbone of Low Voltage Solutions

Project Managers.jpg

Everyone knows people who are “the glue” — they hold things together, they keep the cogs turning, and we simply don’t know where we’d be without them. At Low Voltage Solutions, these people are our Project Managers.

Low Voltage Solutions’ Project Managers handle scheduling and staffing, materials procurement, and are the escalation point for project issues. They manage the employees, as well as the expectations of clients, helping to build long-term partnerships. They truly are the glue, fostering a high morale environment for their teams, encouraging career advancement, and ensuring every project is a high quality deliverable.

A project can easily live or die by the attitude of its Project Manager. We are proud to hire positive, strong leaders with “go get it” attitudes. Through long hours, challenging conversations, and demanding projects, our Project Managers keep things flowing. Low Voltage Solutions is a tight -knit family, and our culture of teamwork and camaraderie is key to the success of the company. We are all invested in the success of our projects and organization — and the dedication and positivity of our Project Managers unify us and help us get there, together.