Thinking Big, Building Big in Oklahoma City: BOK Park Plaza

What’s going on at 499 Sheridan Avenue in Oklahoma City? You may have noticed a new 27-story tower being constructed, adding to the city’s growing skyline. This is the making of BOK Park Plaza, and the massive structure is soon to house the Bank of Oklahoma, the largest bank in the state, as well as Devon Energy Corp. The building will allow the Bank of Oklahoma to merge several of their operations branches into one central location, facilitating better workforce collaboration.

It is always a great honor for Low Voltage Solutions to contribute our low voltage installation expertise to such immersive and long-lasting projects, and the BOK Park Plaza development is no exception! A big project like this is an undertaking, but rewarding for our team to see to completion. The design and infrastructure of the building at 499 Sheridan is a beautiful compliment to the recently finished Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City, and a major addition to the city’s expanding downtown.

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